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Spectacular nature Mt.Usu and Lake Toya

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Lake Toya Private Charter 8 /10 hours

To the south-east of Lake Toya Hot Springs lies Mt. Usu, an active volcano that has erupted four times in the last 100 years. However, eruptions are preceded by earthquakes, often about three days in advance, but otherwise the mountain is very calm. Volcanic activity has given birth to beautiful scenery, and springs are created by the mountain's natural gifts which are how the Lake Toya Hot Springs were formed

The Toyako region features lake Toya, hot springs and an active volcano Mount Usu with a ropeway and an observation deck providing panoramic views of lake Toya and one of Japan's youngest mountains Showa Shinzan.

8/10 hours private charter: Sapporo ( or Niseko ) ----Mt Usu Ropeway ---- Nishiyama Crater ---- Lake Toya ----Silo Observatory --- Kyogoku Fukidashi Park(Mt.Yotei) ----Sapporo ( or Niseko )

Panorama View

Depart from Sanroku Station for a 6-minute midair journey. A splendid view of LakeToya can be seen---Lake Toya Observation Deck--Usu Crater Basin (about 40-minsor 60mins)

Noboribetsu Hell Valley
Usuzan Ropeway
Lake Toya observation deck
LakeToya Observation Deck
Usu Crater Basin Observation Deck
Usu Crater Basin Observation Deck
okuno yu
Gin’numa Great Crater

Lake-Hill Farm Good place & Good view !!

Gerrard taste of the season is equipped. It is delicious Gerrard. The café can also eat pizza, you have made using milk cream puffs and pudding are also made in the ranch.

To suit your travel itinerary !!

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