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Experience Sapporo " See, Taste, Wander "

Probably best known for its eponymous beer, Sapporo—the capital of Hokkaido, 
drawing international visitors for its annual Snow Festival and its world-famous ramen.

Given the travel time, it's best to come to Sapporo by a speedy plane. New Chitose Airport, the gateway to Hokkaido, is linked with major cities across the country and boasts a wide range of facilities. Accessing Sapporo City from the airport is also easy with many options.
67th Sapporo Snow Festival February 5(Friday) through 11(Thoursday) in 2016.
February Various large ice sculptures appear in Odori Park in the center of Sapporo Hosting "Sapporo Snow Festival" and enjoying the cold

“Good for Snowy Photos”

Clock Tower
The bell rings every hour to announce the time to the city.
Sapporo Underground copy
67th Sapporo Snow Festival  February 5(Friday) through 11(Thoursday) in 2016.
There are lots of things to try and do eat,drink,karaoke,bar,pub,stghtsee.
Wander !Tanuki Koji
Tanuki Koji as it’s commonly known is Sapporo’s oldest shopping area, dating from the late 1800′s.
Sapporo Underground
Sapporo Underground Pedestrian Space.Out of the weather connect to all stores. Sapporo Underground Shopping Malls – Aurora Town & Pole Town
Shopping streets
Two unique underground shopping street..A shopping mall that extends in all directions.
In Sapporo, the "City of Food", enjoy cuisine made using fresh Hokkaido ingredients.Hokkaido, with its thriving dry field farming, rice farming, dairy farming, and fishing industries, is a treasure trove of ingredients. Sapporo in particular is the "City of Food", where fresh ingredients are brought in from all across Hokkaido every morning. The city is nationally famous for ramen noodles, soup curry and "Genghis Khan" mutton.

"City of Food"



This is definitely the best place for Sapporo sushi you can find in the city. Its fresh, very reasonably priced and tastes so good.



All you can eat Genghis Khan (barbecue lamb) and all you can drink Sapporo beer
Ramen Kyowakoku

Ramen Kyowakoku

Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku has eight ramen shops,each of which has been locally famous and loved for long time.

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Station Area

Station Area

Odori Area

Odori Area
SAPPORO SATION Area ----ODORI PARK Area -----Susukino Nakajima Park Area
The first snowfall is in October and by December the city is covered in snow. There is much snowfall with the average annual snow accumulation at 600cm.

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