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How to Tailor made tour

Tokyo is full of charms and promises a fun visit every time.!!

Things to do Tokyo !!

Tokyo Bland
Tradition and innovation coexist in Tokyo.
Land Mark
Kaminari Gate (Furai Shrine Gate)
Akihabara..the mecca of otaku culture in Japan.
Food Culture
Sushi has grown into a popular cuisine the world over

Search 853 properties for availability ! Tokyo


okyo has many western-style hotels,with famous-name chains well represented in all larger cities.

Business Hotels

Generally clean and comfortable, these hotels are usually smaller and offer fewer amenities than their upscale brethren. Business hotels are most commonly found conveniently close to train stations.


Stay together for intercommunion and exchange of trip information, transcending age and nationality.  Four to six-bedded single sex dormitories are standard, but all YHs have a family room, while some offer single and twin rooms.

Comfortable Private Transfer Service ! Convenient door to door transfer 

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